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Waxing nowadays is no longer a luxury. In fact, it is a necessity. Come to waxhaus, where waxing meets fun in an affordable way. Be your less-hairy-self only in waxhaus. Still curious? Click here to find out why waxhaus is different

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Having a flawless face surely boosts your confidence. And yes, we can help you have one by removing unwanted hair on your face (forehead, chin and upper lips). We can even help shaping your eyebrows. All face services use threading method with 100% cotton thread


It’s your turn to have clean and smoother arms with our half and full arms services. regularly waxing your underarms can also remove dead skin cells and help brighten them up.


No need to worry about the unwanted hair on your chest, stomach and back. Choose one of our upper body waxing and we’ll take care of it.


Get rid of unwanted hair down there and look sexier in your bikinis! We provide basic bikini, brazilian and buttocks waxing and guarantee that all of these services leave you feel great afterwards :)


Show off your legs, ladies! We know the good feeling of it! Let us help cleaning unwanted hair on your legs. You can choose half or full legs waxing service.