Hi! This article is taken from VIVAnews: http://us.wap.vivanews.com/news/read/270934-rambut-tumbuh-kasar-dan-lebat-usai-cukur Rambut Tumbuh Kasar dan Lebat Usai Cukur Mencukur Bulu Kaki Pisau cukur membuat rambut tak terpotong sampai akar sehingga terkesan kasar dan tebal. Pipiet Tri Noorastuti | Jum’at, 9 Desember 2011, 15:55 WIB VIVAnews - “Jangan dicukur nanti semakin tebal dan lebat.” Mungkin Anda kerap mendengar wejangan itu saat hendak mencukup bulu berlebih di sejumlah bagian tubuh, seperti..

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Hi all! All of us at waxhaus believes in serving our customer with the best service. We want you to enjoy every minute you spend at waxhaus, from the moment you register for our service until you walk out our door (and come back, we hope :)) Therefore, if you experience inconvenience, unsatisfactory service, other complaints on product or our therapist, do shout out to us. We also open for ideas and inputs that can help us to serve you better. You can always email us at waxhaus@yahoo.com or tweet us @waxhaus if..

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Hi all! Special promo on 20th October 2011: 20% DISCOUNT FOR MIN 2 TREATMENTS and get 10% discount for all treatments! Come and visit us at Plaza Semanggi 1st Fl, unit 44. We’re open from 11 AM-9 PM. Call for reservation (021) 7072 00 44 and follow us @waxhaus on Twitter! See u :)


Hai! Mulai besok, waxhaus memberikan promo baru spesial hari Selasa: Buy 2, get 3 treatments! Treatment yang gratis adalah treatment yang harganya paling murah. Promo ini tidak berlaku untuk pembelian produk. Kalau kamu sedang butuh banyak treatment, jangan lewatkan kesempatan ini!   See you at Plaza Semanggi :)


We have good news and would like to share it with all of you.. In less than 2 months, we now have 500 customers! WOW! This is huge and we have you to thank. Your input and feedback really push us to give a much better service. We are planning some promo for our loyal customers. Keep coming and we’ll let you know as soon as possible! So again, thanks for coming, thanks for believing in us. Keep spreading the news to your friends: